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Breaker Inspection & Evaluation

Circuit Breaker Testing and Breaker Repair

Restore your breaker with Quad Plus

Circuit Breaker Testing & Breaker Cleaning

Your distribution gear is critical to the effective operation of your business. When circuit  breakers go down, they need  to be restored right now!. And you need to know that the repair is fast and it is done right – the first time! We get that.

Our process for servicing circuit breakers has set the industry standard:

  • Circuit Breaker Inspection - incoming inspection   check for missing breaker parts, worn mechanisms, etc.
  • Circuit Breaker Testing  conduct electrical and functional tests
  • Worn Breaker Part Fix - check operating mechanism for worn parts
  • Identify needed repairs and issue quote
  • Breaker Repair / replace breaker parts
  • Circuit breaker cleaning and full breaker lubrication
  • Replating & painting
  • Return breakers with one-year guarantee on parts replaced (Ask about available transportation to and from our Breaker Lab.)

You can count on Quad Plus for reliable repair of your circuit breakers, regardless of their age or length of time-in-service:

  • Westinghouse circuit breaker repair
  • (GE) General Electric circuit breaker repair
  • Allis Chalmers circuit breaker repair
  • Roller Smithy circuit breaker repair
  • ITE circuit breaker repair
  • Square D circuit breaker repair
  • Siemens circuit breaker repair
  • ABB circuit breaker repair

More brands include:

  • Nelson
  • Mears BBC
  • McGraw-Edison
  • Eaton
  • Federal Pacific (FPE)
  • Siemens-Allis

Spare Breakers

Can’t afford to be without a Breaker while it is being repaired? Contact us! With our extensive inventory of spare breakers, we may have a spare we can provide you during the repair.

Custom Breaker Kit

DIY custom circuit breaker kit

CBs need minor repairs? Missing a cotter pin or screw? If that’s the problem, our Quad Plus Custom Circuit Breaker Kit may be the answer.

We can create a custom kit that contains all those little parts you may need for simple do it yourself repairs of your breakers – nuts, bolts, screws, cotter pins, lubricants, etc.