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Circuit Breaker Retrofit

Quad Plus can properly maintain your circuit breakers, reducing losses associated with downtime.

Quad Plus Synchronous Field Retrofit solution is a fraction of the price of a new induction motor and VFD control system. Our solution typically runs $100k or less, compared to $500k up to several millions of dollars.

Breaker Labs synchronous field circuit breaker retrofit solution requires no additional space. Our retrofit controls fit in the exact same space you have today. A new system typically needs up to four times the space just for the upgraded controls.

  • Quad Plus Breaker Labs have years of experience retrofitting field controls for synchronous motors.
  • Quad Plus is one of the few companies retrofitting for synchronous motor controls certified by Kinitecs.
  • Quad Plus offers retrofit solutions for both brush and brushless systems.

Medium Voltage circuit breaker retrofill solutions are a cost-effective method of upgrading and extending the life of your existing switchgear

Your existing switchgear cells are modified to accept the new MAGNUM® circuit breaker and cradle, which includes a new racking mechanism and primary and secondary connections. Also we custom-design the connection between the new cradle and the existing switchgear line and load side bus.


  • Reduced costs and less downtime for equipment upgrades compared to new switchgear installation
  • Available for most brands of 5kV – 27kV ANSI switchgear
  • Maintains electrical system integrity during upgrade
  • Eliminates the need for obsolete or unavailable spare parts
  • Features a one-year equipment warranty
  • ANSI & IEEE designs with complete documentation
  • Upgraded MVA ratings and nuclear certification available upon request