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Circuit Breaker Refurbishing

Circuit Breaker Refurbishment

Circuit Breaker Testing & Breaker Rebuilding

Refurbishing Circuit Breakers
Refurbishing Circuit Breakers
    Effectively extend the functional life of your circuit breakers with Quad Plus refurbishment/rebuild services.
  • Restore your hard-working, vintage and existing breakers to “like-new” condition
  • avoid unplanned down-time

We can perform a major recondition which entails a complete tear down and rebuild, or a partial recondition that focuses on problem areas.

Our process helped set the industry standard. Our industrial circuit breaker refurbishment services include:

  • Initial inspection of circuit breaker, including a check for missing parts, worn mechanisms, cracks and other defects
  • Testing-conducting electrical and functional tests of the circuit breaker.
  • Checking the operating mechanism of the circuit breaker for worn parts
  • Issuing a quote for a new-rebuild of your circuit breaker based on the aforementioned tests.
  • Rebuilding and/or refurbishing your industrial breaker to like-new condition, replacing parts as needed
  • A thorough cleaning and lubrication of your circuot breaker.
  • Re-plating and painting the breaker.
  • Performing all necessary tests and adjustments to ensure proper operation
  • Return reconditioned circuit breaker with one-year warranty/guarantee that includes any parts replaced (Ask about available transportation to and from our Breaker Lab.)

Commonwealth Edison/ Exelon is among the long-time customers who turn to Quad Plus for equipment refurbishment.